During Women’s History Month, it is important to celebrate the vital role of women in American history, and acknowledge the many achievements, joys, and challenges experienced by women over the years.  

To help teach students about Women’s History, Britannica’s Curriculum Expert Team has put together a few activities and resources.

Perfect Pairings

Watch these short video clips from a previous Britannica webinar to get ideas on how to pair Britannica resources with quality children’s literature, to encourage inquiry and critical-thinking skills.

Women's History at a Glance

Explore these articles in Britannica School that provide students with a glance at important women and women’s movements throughout history.

Integrating Media Literacy into Women's History Month

Use these questions to encourage students to use a critical lens when analyzing media:

  1. What do you wonder?
  2. Whose perspective is this from?
  3. Who is the intended audience?
  4. What is the motivation behind this image/video?
  5. What does this image/video communicate?
  6. How do you think today’s modern world has evolved? 

Women's History—Resource Packs

Take advantage of Britannica School with these curated resource packs, that are filled with articles about women who have made an impact.

We hope you and your students enjoy these activities and resources, as you continue your journey of incorporating culture and history into your curriculum!  Contact us at [email protected]

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