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LaunchPacks Social Studies

Create greater connection and deeper comprehension. Activate critical thinking and inquiry skills while excavating social studies content.

LaunchPacks Science

Each Sciences Pack includes a variety of multi-media resources to match the Pre-K-12 science curriculum and to build connections between… Read More

Britannica School

The search is on with the go-to site for research. With every search topic producing a wide variety of trusted,… Read More

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Your American Politics Resource Center: Social studies activities for the classroom

We’ve created a resource center to help educators and students through the primaries, special elections, and political headlines of the near future.

Rebels with a cause: Disruptive teens who changed history

Introduce your middle to high school students to some other leaders who juggled puberty with power structures with these activities.

Going for Gold: Insider’s Scoop on the Newbery Medal

Get an insider look at how a book becomes a Newbery winner and how you can bring the selection process to life with your students.