StandOut Award Semi-Finalist

Meet Luke Allpress

Teacher and Interventionist | Avondale, AZ

A teacher and an interventionist, Luke revamped his local structured tutoring program for students, resulting in increased student success. Originally a math and science educator teaching the 10th-12th grades, Luke enjoyed preparing students for the road ahead by providing them with real-life skills to ensure that they were ready for obstacles that could come their way.

As a proud third-generation teacher (and the spouse of an educator), Luke has hosted Saturday tutoring and study sessions at local libraries, led ACT prep workshops, mentored other local teachers, led college application support groups, developed student leadership in after-school clubs, and more. With the Extended Opportunity Time (EOT) initiative, Luke has created a program that allows students to get to where they need to be so that they can receive extra support without falling behind. Under Luke’s care, the program has extended from once a week to four days a week, and the program model has been shared with other schools in the district.

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