Culturally Responsive Instruction in a Blended Learning Environment

Culturally responsive teaching has never been more important. Learn more about Britannica Education’s Professional Learning Cohort.

Global pandemic. Racial injustice. Supercharged politics. It’s no wonder many educators struggle to address current events and issues related to diversity with their students. The need for culturally responsive teaching has never been greater. But where do we start? Who will support us along the way?

Britannica Education’s Professional Learning Cohort: Culturally Responsive Instruction in a Blended Learning Environment is designed to support K-12 teachers, administrators, and curriculum leaders who want to bring more equity and inclusivity into their schools.

What will I learn?

Britannica’s PLC will help you:


Create your own unique teaching approach that builds equitable and inclusive practices into your curriculum and classroom.


Develop culturally responsive practices that meet the social and academic needs of your students.


Build a classroom culture that fosters continuous learning and an appreciation of diverse cultures.


Facilitate an environment that inspires meaningful discussions around current events and issues related to diversity.

Why a PLC format?

Britannica Education’s professional learning cohort (PLC) provides a safe space for professional educators to study, collaborate, and engage in meaningful conversations around culturally responsive instruction (CRI) in a supportive community.

Who is this PLC for?

This cohort will be of interest to teachers, librarians, and those in leadership roles who strive to create culturally responsive environments in a K-12 blended learning setting. This cohort is purchased by schools or districts looking to offer multiple seats to their teaching community. 

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How does the course work?

You will meet with your PLC in four, one-hour virtual sessions over several weeks. Meetings will include a main session webinar, small group breakout sessions, and guided practice to help you try strategies in your own classroom. In addition, each session requires a few hours of independent reading and reflection. All sessions will be recorded to provide both synchronous and asynchronous options.

Sample Content Covered during the PLC

  • How to create a welcoming, affirming, and inclusive environment
  • An examination of the current curriculum and teaching practices
  • The role of high expectations and rigorous instruction
  • Examples of inclusive curriculum and assessment
  • Feedback on classroom implementation of new learning

Resources and Tools Provided during the PLC

  • Access to Britannica LaunchPacks with curriculum-aligned content sets (e.g., articles, images, videos, primary sources, and activities)
  • Reflection guide
  • Recorded sessions
  • Culturally responsive lesson plans for K-12
  • Additional support through discussions with regional and national PLC members

Will I receive professional learning credit?

Britannica’s PLC is an outcomes-based professional learning experience. Throughout the course, you will collect artifacts of learning that demonstrate your mastery of CRI. Upon completion, you receive a certificate indicating 6 hours of Professional Learning.


For more than 20 years, Britannica’s education consultants and curriculum experts have collaborated with schools under the belief that voices deserve to be heard, truth deserves to be discovered, and knowledge deserves to be shared.

Who will lead the PL Cohort?

Jaime Perris is an education consultant and curriculum project manager. She is Australian and has lived and worked in eight countries and travelled to 30. She was a teacher for around 15 years in Australia (psychology, law, business and Chinese Mandarin), South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, the Bahamas, and the United States. Jaime has worked on government contracts for the U.S. Navy, the Malaysian Ministry of Education, and Taiwanese public prisons in the fields of curriculum development and teacher training. She recently coached teachers and leaders across New York and New Orleans. For fun, she absolutely loves learning and exploring new cultures, food and travel (especially to the Caribbean). She speaks Chinese, plays the piano and is really into keeping fit through strength training.

Want to learn more?

Watch our recent edWebinar, which provides a sampling of the content covered in our CRI cohort. The webinar also features two Fall 2020 cohort participants and how they have been able to apply CRI strategies in their classrooms.

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