Calling All Educators

Could you use an educational toolkit upgrade? Then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for materials that align with your curriculum, or looking for a trustworthy source for information, we’ve got just what you need.

Britannica LaunchPacks: The Ultimate Teacher’s Assistant

  • Supports the evolving needs of the teacher, student, and classroom.
  • Browse multi-media packs of resources, organized around curriculum-relevant topic areas.
  • Build critical skills, while teaching subject-area content.
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LaunchPacks for K-12 Science

Each Sciences Pack includes a variety of multi-media resources to match the Pre-K-12 science curriculum and to build connections between science disciplines.

LaunchPacks for K-12 Social Studies

Create greater connection and deeper comprehension. Activate critical thinking and inquiry skills while excavating social studies content.

Britannica School: Your Ultimate Search Companion

  • Use the Britannica School Insights Chrome extension as a trusted companion on your Web searches.
  • Surface fact-checked results in parallel with standard search results.
  • Choose from three levels of learning—Elementary, Middle, and High School—for a wealth of unique content to explore, appropriate for each student.

Britannica School Insights

Support literacy skill development and ensure students bring a trusted research companion along with them on their Web searches with the new, FREE Chrome extension for Britannica School users.

Britannica School

The search is on with the go-to site for research. With every search topic producing a wide variety of trusted, multi-media sources, use Britannica School to build essential information literacy skills.

Visual Learning Starts with Britannica ImageQuest

Explore the World and Make History Come Alive with ImageQuest

  • Launched just 8 years ago, ImageQuest has evolved to become the most trusted and comprehensive, curated database of 3 Million images from 62 leading collections.
  • This dynamic database is uniquely designed to meet the growing needs of educators, students, explorers today and making it the the perfect companion for bringing curricula to life.
  • As the premier database for rights-cleared images, ImageQuest is ideal for public libraries, too.
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Did you know that…

  • 40% of Learners  respond better to visual  
    information than text alone
  • 65%  of people are  
    visual learners
  • 400%  improvement in learning  
    with use of visual

Products for the Library

  • Access trusted information with balanced, global perspectives and insights
  • Master the art of comprehensive research - all from one resource
  • Tap into Encyclopædia Britannica, Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, plus other reliable research sources.
  • Subscribe to ImaqeQuest and explore millions of related images

Britannica Academic

Explore real-time updates with “Article History” and broaden perspectives with global news feed – all in real time.

Britannica Library

Content updated daily – 1,200 new and revised articles and media per month – to keep researchers of all ages informed and engaged.