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Could you use an educational toolkit upgrade? Then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for materials that align with your curriculum, or looking for a trustworthy source for information, we’ve got just what you need.

LumieLabs: Harness Students’ Passions and Natural Engagement with Media

Shape a new future for K-12 classroom learning with video

    • Increase student engagement with curriculum-relevant, project-based video lessons.
    • Promote student voice and choice with millions of rights-cleared video and audio assets.
    • Transform students’ media literacy skills through digital storytelling and media-making.
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Young people understand how video can amplify their values, likes, and dislikes—about everything from their personal relationships to the condition of the world. Media is an extension of who they are in this hyper-connected culture. These generations know nothing else.

Alicia Haywood, Founder of the iSpeakMedia Foundation

Britannica LaunchPacks: The Ultimate Teacher’s Assistant

  • Supports the evolving needs of the teacher, student, and classroom.
  • Browse multi-media packs of resources, organized around curriculum-relevant topic areas.
  • Build critical skills, while teaching subject-area content.
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LaunchPacks for K-12 Science

Each Sciences Pack includes a variety of multi-media resources to match the Pre-K-12 science curriculum and to build connections between… Read More

LaunchPacks for K-12 Social Studies

Create greater connection and deeper comprehension. Activate critical thinking and inquiry skills while excavating social studies content.

The Britannica School Insights extension was easy to add and seems to work seamlessly when searching. It results in some basic information about a topic and offers an opportunity to research deeper. Often our students are searching for a quick answer to a question- the Britannica extension fills that need.

Ami Uselman, Director of Library and Media Services

Britannica School: Your Ultimate Search Companion

  • Use the Britannica School Insights Chrome extension as a trusted companion on your Web searches.
  • Surface fact-checked results in parallel with standard search results.
  • Choose from three levels of learning—Elementary, Middle, and High School—for a wealth of unique content to explore, appropriate for each student.

Britannica School Insights

Support literacy skill development and ensure students bring a trusted research companion along with them on their Web searches with… Read More

Britannica School

The search is on with the go-to site for research. With every search topic producing a wide variety of trusted,… Read More

Visual Learning Starts with Britannica ImageQuest

Explore the World and Make History Come Alive with ImageQuest

  • Launched just 8 years ago, ImageQuest has evolved to become the most trusted and comprehensive, curated database of 3 Million images from 62 leading collections.
  • This dynamic database is uniquely designed to meet the growing needs of educators, students, explorers today and making it the the perfect companion for bringing curricula to life.
  • As the premier database for rights-cleared images, ImageQuest is ideal for public libraries, too.
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Did you know that…

  • 40% of Learners  respond better to visual  
    information than text alone
  • 65%  of people are  
    visual learners
  • 400%  improvement in learning  
    with use of visual

Products for the Library

  • Access trusted information with balanced, global perspectives and insights
  • Master the art of comprehensive research - all from one resource
  • Tap into Encyclopædia Britannica, Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, plus other reliable research sources.
  • Subscribe to ImaqeQuest and explore millions of related images

Britannica Academic

Explore real-time updates with “Article History” and broaden perspectives with global news feed – all in real time.

Britannica Library

Content updated daily – 1,200 new and revised articles and media per month – to keep researchers of all ages… Read More