Photo of Universalis Junior

About Universalis Junior

  • The perfect companion for homework, projects, and satisfying natural curiosity, Universalis Junior is an easy-to-use and engaging tool that teaches research skills and makes learning fun.
  • This revised database includes access to more than 4,000 encyclopedia articles and 1,700 English-language articles for bilingual education.

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Features of Universalis Junior

  • Support student-led inquiry.

    Allows students to explore historical figures and events, famous individuals and fictional heroes, cities and countries, plants and animals, technology, and sports.

  • Create an engaging, fun learning experience.

    Images, maps, flags, charts, and videos, plus “Did You Know” and “Image of the Day,” are fun ways to interest young learners.

  • Access bonus tools.

    Bonus tools include “Read Aloud,”Merriam-Webster’s French-English Dictionary, French-language news, and a detailed atlas.

  • BONUS:

    Responsive design enables students an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices.