Pathways: Science

Correct Misconceptions Through Inquiry and Critical Thinking

One hundred interactive explorations—classroom-tested and aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)—help middle school students overcome key science misconceptions by making predictions, digging for and analyzing evidence, collaborating, and writing arguments to support their conclusions.

Special Features

• Inquiry-based lessons address common misconceptions in life, earth, space, and physical science using a research-based, conceptual change model.

• Consistent format of Predict-Investigate-Conclude in each lesson reinforces the process and considerations of the scientific method.

• Articles, images, videos, and graphs developed by Britannica’s editorial team provide accurate and up-to-date research content for students’ evidence-gathering.

• Three guiding questions for every research resource help students navigate the content and pinpoint relevant information.

• A specially designed note-taking experience and workflow help students collect and evaluate their evidence step by step.

• A host of interactive items in every lesson dynamically respond to students’ answers to keep their engagement high from start to finish.

• Two interactive Drag-and-Drop activities in each lesson serve as informal pre- and post-assessments while familiarizing students with tasks similar to those in high-stakes tests.

• Comprehensive teacher support includes background information about each topic, along with suggestions for using Pathways flexibly with any science curriculum in the classroom or lab, or for independent student work.

Recognition & Awards

• Learning Magazine’s Teacher’s Choice Award for Excellence in Classroom Products

• SIMO Education Network’s Major Portal for Editorial Resources Award

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“It adds a layer of critical thinking and models for the teacher to incorporate the discussion of evidence into instruction.”

NSTA Recommends Pathways: Science

“Thanks for the informative Webinar from Pathways: Science. I look forward to implementing the program in my classroom as a great resource for my students.”

6th Grade Science Teacher

“Britannica has done a wonderful job with these programs.  Kudos to you!  I am really excited about getting everyone using the various parts.  Pathways: Science looks like so much fun!”

Site Administrator, Sterling Education

“…easy to manage classes, track student progress, search for lessons by standards and implement effective inquiry-based lessons.”

Tech & Learning, January 2014

“The teacher module has full lesson guidance and lesson plans and supports teachers with varying levels of experience.”

Science Teacher, February 2014

“ interactive, hands-on approach so students learn by doing, participating, discussing, and concluding.”

Internet@Schools, May 2012

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