LaunchPacks Social Studies, now featuring Kahoots!

Meet Britannica's jump-start social studies resource that’s as agile as you need to be. Activate critical thinking and inquiry skills while excavating social studies content.

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About LaunchPacks for K-12 Social Studies

  • Britannica LaunchPacks Social Studies brings over 2,000 expertly-curated bundles of Britannica informational text and multi-media assets, focused around thematic units covered in the K-12 social studies curricula.
  • Educators can support the unique learning needs of each student through multilevel articles, content groupings, and reading support tools such as read-aloud functionality, double click dictionaries, and article translations available in over 80 languages.
  • Educators say LaunchPacks saves them countless hours finding authoritative, unbiased, and vetted resources around topics that correlate with their standards.

Learn more about LaunchPacks. One of our representatives would love to show you around.

With LaunchPacks You Can...

  • Browse  1,800 content sets
  • Personalize  at 4 learning levels
  • Create  with 12,000 resources

Features of LaunchPacks for K-12 Social Studies

  • Save planning time, spend less time searching for resources and make students’ learning more productive.

  • Easily personalize instruction for every student, including those requiring more assistance

    Customize by adding or removing content, appending notes, or uploading your own content to share with others.

  • Find organized, customizable, curriculum-aligned social studies resources that support ELA standards.

    Tap into 1,800 LaunchPacks mapped to your social studies curriculum and searchable by category and filter by grade level— All Grades, PreK-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

  • Enable student inquiry with each LaunchPack dedicated to a specific topic.

    Each pack features a variety of content types— articles, images, videos, and primary sources—ideal for lessons, classroom activities, projects, or assignments

LaunchPacks helps support my teachers and students by providing them with curriculum appropriate information and research. It's great for class assignments and out of class work. I love that it provides multiple reading levels so all students can be successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will LaunchPacks Social Studies cost?

    LaunchPacks pricing is based on a per student cost. Buyers may receive discounts for purchasing a Britannica Digital Learning product for more than one school and/or by purchasing more than one product, for example, both LaunchPacks Social Studies and LaunchPacks Science.

    The best way to get a quote based on your unique needs is to e-mail [email protected] or call 1-800-621-3900 to speak to one of our sales specialists, available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm PT.

  • How can I order an annual subscription to LaunchPacks Social Studies?

    We’re so excited you’ve decided to subscribe! You can:

    • Call 1-800-621-3900 and speak to one of our sales specialists, available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm CT.

    • E-mail [email protected]

    • Place an order through our shop, available 24/7.

    If you are ordering for more than one school or library building, it is advised that you speak to a sales representative to ensure you receive any available discounts. To get started, please call 1-800-621-3900 or e-mail [email protected]

  • How do I learn more or preview LaunchPacks Social Studies?

    Not ready to order but interested in learning more? Contact a Britannica representative for a personal tour.

    However, there is nothing better than diving in and getting a hands-on experience. Product previews are available as well as district-wide pilots that include professional development training and support.

    Email our team to set up a demo, preview, or district-wide pilot at [email protected].

    For a sneak peak into LaunchPacks, and to browse the breadth of topic areas and content types available, we invite you straight into the product site: LaunchPacks Social Studies.

  • What if I need help with understanding how to best use LaunchPacks Social Studies?

    Don’t worry! We offer free training for all. Britannica’s Professional Trainers offer expert recommendations and guidance. Participants are invited to our 30-minute online training sessions, scheduled throughout the school year. Discover how to easily integrate LaunchPacks Social Studies into the classroom for inquiry-based teaching and learning. Certificates of attendance are available.

  • Are the Packs aligned to national C3 and Common Core English Language Arts frameworks?

    Britannica LaunchPacks Social Studies are designed to help teachers systematically meet learning objectives specified in PreK-12 social studies content standards. LaunchPacks offer targeted coverage of topics that directly relate to the different strands of PreK-12 Social Studies: history, geography, civics, and economics. Each Pack contains a variety of resources that have been thoughtfully selected by Britannica editors to meet the curriculum needs of students at all grade levels. These resources include articles, photographs, maps, videos, speeches, letters, and more.

    The topics for LaunchPacks were determined through several rounds of careful review of the national C3 and Common Core English Language Arts frameworks and various state social studies frameworks. Britannica editors methodically analyzed individual standards for relevant topics, including important figures, events, eras, places, and concepts. Teachers may feel confident that LaunchPacks directly support their work in social studies classrooms and can serve as a key tool in helping their students master required instructional goals.

  • How does LaunchPacks help teachers meet content literacy standards?

    Annotation tools, curriculum-focused images and videos, and expertly curated

    content allow teachers to facilitate close reading, build critical-thinking skills, and enhance student literacy skills while teaching core concepts.

    LaunchPacks is intended to provide teachers and students with access to high-quality, rich, and diverse content sets that are easily found and used. The content in each Pack relates to a specific topic that is vital to instruction in a given grade range. Each Pack offers resources that allow teachers great flexibility in their use.

  • What are the ways teachers can personalize LaunchPacks?

    Teachers can schedule reminders in their personal calendar. They can build their own calendar and schedule reminders for future dates as well as stay on top of upcoming events with Britannica “Recommended Packs.”

    With My LaunchPacks personal account, teachers can save and share their favorite Packs, customize or annotate with instructional notes, remove content, add activities, include Web links, or embed questions within articles to inspire inquiry. They’re all collected here for fast, easy access.

  • What can teachers do with the new Tool belt: My LaunchPacks?

    The “My LaunchPacks” personal account allows teachers to save and share their favorite Packs, customize them with instructional notes, remove content, add activities, include Web links, or embed questions within articles to inspire inquiry.

  • What resources are available to me, as a subscriber, to help my students take advantage of Britannica LaunchPacks Social Studies?

    Our resource center is chock full of help, with very specialized resources dedicated just to LaunchPacks Social Studies.