Summer Learning Support

Use LaunchPacks Social Studies and Science for Summer Learning

LaunchPacks is being leveraged by schools across the country as they develop summer programs to mitigate learning loss. LaunchPacks supports virtual learning, independent study, and remote assessments across topics covered in the K-12 science and social studies curricula, while also building fundamental ELA skills.

Our team at Britannica is here to get you familiar with LaunchPacks so you can use it as fast as possible to support your summer learning needs.

  1. Meet Britannica LaunchPacks.

    Help students stay on track with curriculum-aligned content bundles, covering K-12 social studies and science topics.

    See what LaunchPacks has to offer
  2. Access your resources.

    The following links will take you directly into LaunchPacks Science and LaunchPacks Social Studies. Once you are in either product, you can toggle between the two in the upper right-hand corner of the product page. Use the username and password provided to you via email by our onboarding team.

    Visit LaunchPacks Social Studies Visit LaunchPacks Science
  3. journey personal account

    Create a personal account.

    Once you've signed into the product using the access credentials provided to you, create your own personal account by clicking the person icon in the top right corner of the navigation. A personal account allows you to save your favorite Packs, customize content within each Pack, and share Packs with students. It also enables personalization tools, like article translations, annotation, and a variety of reading tools.

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  4. Join a live training.

    Britannica's Education Consultant team is here to help you get onboarded as quickly as possible and show you how to best use LaunchPacks to support summer learning.

    May June
  5. Show your students.

    Support independent study through leveled resources, reading support tools, and translations that enable non-native English speaking parents to engage with at-home learning.

    Play video for students
  6. Conduct virtual lessons.

    Conduct virtual lessons through Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, or your LMS that integrate with curriculum-focused LaunchPacks content.

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  7. Find assessment support.

    Leverage Kahoot! and Pear Deck to gauge student understanding during absences

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  8. Get Graphic Organizers.

    Access a collection of graphic organizers created by Britannica's team of curriculum experts and teachers.

    download resources
  9. View a Guided Tour.

    For additional support, you can download a complete Guided Tour and learn about the full functionality of Britannica LaunchPacks.

    Download LaunchPacks Science Guided Tour Download LaunchPacks Science Guided Tour
  10. Share with your peers.

    If your school is part of the LaunchPacks Summer School License program, other teachers in your school have access. Please share these resources with your peers.

    Share resources with teachers in your school Invite other schools to sign up