Meet Britannica LaunchPacks, now featuring Kahoots!

Teach fundamental skills with K-12 science and social studies content

About Britannica LaunchPacks

  • Britannica Digital Learning LaunchPacks Science and Social Studies classroom learning platforms are now integrated with Kahoot!, the popular learning games and trivia quizzes platform.
  • LaunchPacks were created to support the ever-evolving needs of the teacher, student, and classroom with dynamic, flexible resources that weave inquiry and subject-based literacy skills into science and social studies lessons.
  • Standards-aligned, curated content sets of Britannica’s best-in-class resources allow teachers to meet expanding requirements while continuing to teach core subject-area content.
  • Multilevel text and comprehension support tools such as read-aloud functionality, a quick click dictionary powered by Merriam-Webster, and translations in over 80 languages empower readers of all levels.

Support student-led inquiry in LaunchPacks: Social Studies.

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Features of Britannica LaunchPacks

  • Build critical skills while teaching subject-area content in science and social studies.

  • Personalized resources at your fingertips.

    LaunchPacks’ flexibility provides pre-packaged content that is differentiated for unique levels, both in article reading levels and in the types of multimedia content available.

  • Align instruction to fundamental skills development.

    Enable student-led inquiry, active reading, and subject-based literacy with organized content sets aligned to the K-12 science and social studies curriculum.

  • Save planning time and make students’ learning more productive.

    Find diverse, trusted resources - articles, images, videos, websites, and primary source documents - curated by educators and experts, ideal for lessons, activities, and projects.

These age-appropriate packages are engaging incentives that should inspire individual investigation and inquiry, an expectation found in information skills and Common Core content literacy standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are “LaunchPacks”? What is a “Pack”?

    LaunchPacks, available for social studies and science subjects, combines up-to-date, curriculum-aligned content sets with tools that make it easier for teachers to differentiate instruction and for students to understand core K-12 social studies and science topics.

    Within LaunchPacks Social Studies, teachers can search from over 1,800 curriculum-focused content sets, or Packs. Within LaunchPacks Science, over 1,700 packs exist to support teachers. Each Pack is dedicated to a specific classroom topic, and contains a variety of trusted content types, curated by experts and educators.

    Through annotation tools, multilevel articles, and diverse content types, students actively engage with text and develop critical-thinking and reading skills. Teachers are able to weave relevant primary sources and multimedia into lessons in one flexible, intuitive platform.

  • What subject-areas does LaunchPacks cover?

    LaunchPacks is available for both science and social studies. LaunchPacks also supports ELA instruction through annotation tools, multilevel articles, and diverse content types. Students actively engage with text and develop critical-thinking and reading skills. Teachers support student-led inquiry through an interactive, engaging, and focused learning experience.

  • What types of content are available in each Pack?

    Each Pack includes a variety of multi-media content, including: articles of varying levels, images, videos, primary sources, letters, infographics, maps, interactives, and more. In addition, teachers can customize Packs by adding their own resources, Web links, and instructional notes.

  • Are the content packs aligned to national and state standards, for example Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), C3 and Common Core English Language Arts frameworks?

    LaunchPacks Science and LaunchPacks Social Studies were designed to help teachers systematically meet learning objectives specified in Pre-K–12 science and social studies content standards. LaunchPacks offers targeted coverage of topics that directly relate to the different strands of Pre-K–12 science, including: physical science, life science, earth and space sciences, and STEM. LaunchPacks Social Studies’ coverage includes topics such as history, geography, civics, and economics.

    Each Pack contains a variety of resources that have been thoughtfully selected by Britannica editors to meet the curriculum needs of students at all grade levels. These resources include articles, photographs, videos, interactives, diagrams, illustrations, maps, videos, speeches, letters, primary sources, and more.

    The topics for LaunchPacks were determined through several rounds of careful review of the Next Generation Science Standards, C3 and Common Core English Language Arts Literacy frameworks, and various state science and social studies frameworks. Britannica editors methodically analyzed individual standards for relevant topics, including important structures, processes, relationships, figures, events, eras, places, and concepts. Teachers may feel confident that LaunchPacks directly supports their work in classrooms and can serve as a key tool in helping their students master required instructional goals.

  • How does LaunchPacks help teachers meet content-area literacy standards?

    LaunchPacks are intended to provide teachers and students access to rich, high-quality, and diverse content sets that are easily found and used. The content in each Pack relates to a specific topic that is vital to instruction in a given grade range. Each Pack offers resources that allow teachers great flexibility in their use.

    By using the expertly curated articles, double-click dictionary, curriculum-related images and videos, and annotation tools, teachers can engage students in critical thinking and inquiry activities, guide vocabulary development, and facilitate close reading and comprehension.

  • Can teachers or administrators measure student comprehension and progress?

    Yes! In November 2017 LaunchPacks classroom activities were unleashed, with the goal of adding measurement tools to assess student understanding.

    With a team of internal and external educators and stakeholders, we developed the ability to create a classroom in LaunchPacks, to assign activities that measure understanding, and to build on literacy skills with expanded annotation functionality.

    Different options are available for activity assignment. Educators can Quick Assign Packs, tasking a class with studying a set of topic-area resources. Educators can also create an Activity Pack, having students interact with open-ended questions in a custom Activity Pack. Educators can view real-time progress on any assignment at a class or student level. They can review answers by individual student or by activity question.

  • Does LaunchPacks support differentiated instruction?

    One of the many benefits of LaunchPacks is the varying differentiation support available at both a topic and asset level. The topic-area Packs are available at different levels, so if a teacher wants to provide more content types to accelerated students and more focus to other groups of students, they are able to do that by discretely modifying the entire Pack level. In addition to the macro differentiation support, teachers can also modify the reading level of individual articles within a Pack, without any changes to the actual article interface.

  • How much will LaunchPacks cost? Is there a bundled price?

    LaunchPacks pricing is based on a per student cost for each subject-area. Buyers may receive discounts for purchasing both LaunchPacks Science and LaunchPacks Social Studies, purchasing for more than one school, or through purchasing LaunchPacks and an additional Britannica Digital Learning product.

    The best way to get a quote based on your unique needs is to email [email protected] or call 1-800-621-3900 to speak to one of our sales specialists, available Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm PT.

  • How can I order an annual subscription to LaunchPacks?

    We’re so excited you’ve decided to subscribe! You can:

    • Call 1-800-621-3900 and speak to one of our sales specialists, available Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm CT.

    • Email [email protected]

    • Place an order to LaunchPacks Science or LaunchPacks Social Studies through our shop, available 24/7.

    If you are ordering for more for more than one school or library building, or you are interested in a bundled purchase of both subject area LaunchPacks, we encourage you to speak to a sales representative to ensure you receive all available discounts. To get started, please 1-800-621-3900 or email [email protected]

  • Can I explore LaunchPacks?

    Not ready to order but interested in learning more? Contact a Britannica representative for a personal tour.

    However, there is nothing better than diving in and getting a hands-on experience. Product previews are available as well as district-wide pilots that include professional development training and support.

    Email our team to set up a demo, preview, or district-wide pilot at [email protected].

    For a sneak peak into LaunchPacks, and to browse the breadth of topic areas and content types available, we invite you straight into the product sites: LaunchPacks Science and LaunchPacks Social Studies.