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Your next visual lesson starts with Britannica ImageQuest, the world’s most respected and trusted image libraries curated in one safe site!

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About Britannica ImageQuest

  • Launched just 8 years ago, ImageQuest has evolved and grown to become the most trusted and comprehensive, curated database of images, uniquely designed to meet the growing needs of educators, students, explorers today.
  • ImageQuest’s evolving database boasts over 3.25 million images from 62 leading collections.
  • With ImageQuest, educators can strengthen lesson plans and foster deeper student engagement by incorporating visual thinking.
  • This dynamic database makes the perfect companion for bringing language arts, math, science, and social studies curricula to life.
  • As the premier database for copyright images, ImageQuest is ideal for public libraries, too.

Access millions of images from the world’s best educational image libraries.

Did You Know...

  • 65% of people  are visual  
  • Improve learning  by 400%  
    with visuals
  • 40% of learners  respond better to visuals  
    than text alone

Features of Britannica ImageQuest

  • The power of visual learning:

    Deliver high-impact lessons and guide concept visualization with the leading educational image search.

  • Filter searches for quick results.

    Search ImageQuest by keyword, collection, or even shape. And don't forget the "only clip art" feature.

  • Complete metadata included with every image.

    Help students learn the importance of citations and how to use them accurately.

  • Collaboration is a snap with ImageQuest.

    Save, download, share, and print images. Add images to your personal device or Google Drive. Organize images into albums with your My Images personal account.

  • BONUS:

    Available in Arabic, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, and Welsh.

No library should be without this database, which caters to an incredibly wide array of users.

School Library Journal, February 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is it to purchase ImageQuest for my school?

A: Britannica ImageQuest subscriptions are sold on a per-building basis. The minimum annual subscription fee per product, per building is $750*.

To order additional subscriptions for more than one school or library building, call (800) 621-3900 or email for assistance*.

*North America ONLY  

Q: What makes ImageQuest so powerful?

A: We’ve joined forces with the Bridgeman Art Gallery, Getty Images, the Science Photo Library, Ingram Publishing, the National Geographic Society, and other trusted image sources to create the ultimate image database. With over three million rights-cleared images from 62 collections, there are endless uses for ImageQuest.

And our work has been recognized by:
• School Library Journal’s Best Database Award
• AEP’s Distinguished Achievement Award for Curriculum: Reference Materials

Q: How many ways can schools and libraries use ImageQuest?

• Teachers can quickly find images for lesson plans and classroom activities.
• Students can use it to create high-quality projects and course work by using pictures that bring learning to life.
• Higher education faculties can trust ImageQuest in course development, faculty research, student projects, student web pages, university publications, and newspapers. Enhance all school communications, including email, websites, blogs, social media, and printed materials. Your materials just never looked so good.

Q: Will educators and students actually spend time using ImageQuest?

A: The numbers speak for themselves. In the past year alone, ImageQuest has had over 2.2 million sessions and 23 million page views. Users spend over 7 minutes on average person session, viewing more than 10 pages.

Q: If I subscribe to more than one product—ImageQuest, Britannica School, Britannica Academic, or Britannica Library—do I use the same log in?

A: Yep! Just log in once to search a topic in all resources. Integration with Britannica School, Britannica Library, and Britannica Academic offers a streamlined ability to explore millions of related images right from the search results page (requires subscriptions to both databases).

And you can automatically log in to your individual “My Images” account.  Great for accessing ImageQuest from home!

Q: Is ImageQuest leveled for students?

A: ImageQuest features the very highest quality images and is suitable for all ages.

Q: How can I learn more about ImageQuest?

A: We encourage you to activate your free trial. There is nothing better than diving in and getting a hands-on experience.

If you’re not ready for a free trial but want to learn more, don’t hesitate to get a closer look at our features with select product videos.

Q: What if I need help with understanding how to best use Britannica ImageQuest?

A: We include free training for every subscriber. Britannica’s professional trainers offer expert recommendations and guidance. Subscribers are invited to participate in our 30-minute online training sessions scheduled throughout the school year.

Discover how to easily integrate ImageQuest into the classroom for inquiry-based teaching and learning. Certificates are provided.

Q: What resources are available to me as a subscriber to help my students take advantage of ImageQuest.

A: Our resource center is chock full of help, with very specialized resources dedicated just for Britannica ImageQuest.