ACTIVITY 5: Expand students’ cultural and world views

Grades 9-12 Activity

World War I Newspaper

MA Standard:

2018 Massachusetts Curriculum Framework WHII.T4.3


Students will use the articles within the Pack to support their understanding of World War I and to create a newspaper article from the perspective of one country that describes the war’s impact throughout its duration.


Each student will be assigned a country that was involved in World War I. Using the information in the LaunchPack, students will complete a Main Idea & Detail Graphic Organizer to identify the main reason why the country participated in the war and the details that supported their reason to join. Once students have determined the reasons for entry into the war, they will write a newspaper article announcing the war to the public, give the reasons for entry, and explain the potential impact on the economy and the culture of the European home front.

Graphic Organizer:

Main Idea & Detail

Graphic Organizer:

Main Idea & Detail Web

Suggested Questions:

Possible Extension:

Have students design an ad/propaganda poster encouraging citizens to join the armed forces or support the war.

SEL Connection:

Self-Awareness – recognizing how our own experiences and ideas influence perceptions and feelings about historical events.

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