ACTIVITY 3: Teach media literacy through unbiased and vetted resources

Grades 9-12 Activity

Create Your Own Political Party

MA Standard:

2018 Massachusetts Curriculum Framework 9-12 T4


Students will use the articles within the Pack to create their own political party after reviewing the resources in U.S. Government: The Political Process.


While reviewing the LaunchPack, students will complete a Venn Diagram to compare the two main political parties. After reviewing the pack, students will create their own political party. Upon creating a name for their own party, students will identify their party’s platform, make connections between their platform and the issues they care about, create a campaign slogan and hashtag, and create a text thread between themselves and an undecided voter. Students should consider what questions undecided voters might ask and what issues undecided voters care about.

Graphic Organizer:

Visual Timeline

Graphic Organizer:

2 Circle Venn Diagram

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3 Circle Venn Diagram

Suggested Questions:

Possible Extension:

SEL Connection:

Relationship Skills – Emphasize relationship building during this lesson by encouraging students to collaborate respectfully within a diverse group of peers with diverse views.

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