ACTIVITY 1: Build ELA Skills with Social Studies Content

Grades K-5 Activity

Plymouth Colony Close Reading

MA Standard:

2018 Massachusetts Curriculum Framework 3.T4.1


Students will use close reading strategies in collaboration with LaunchPacks Social Studies’ annotation tools to analyze texts about the Plymouth Colony.


Close Reading


Activity:  Students will use the annotation tools in LaunchPack Social Studies to closeread a text within the Plymouth Colony pack. Encourage students to use the text to explain who the Pilgrim men and women were and why they left Europe and to describe their journey, the government of their early years in the Plymouth Colony, and their relationship with the Native Americans.

Suggested Questions:

Possible Extension:

Encourage students to write a diary from the perspective of either a Pilgrim or a Native American during this time. Encourage students to consider the perspective of the person based on their travels, interactions, and time period.

SEL Connection:

Discuss social awareness (freedom of religion, civil rights)

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