COVID-19 Community Support

Helping you plan for short and long term closures,
continue instruction, and support families

Schedule a 1:1 consultation with Britannica’s COVID-response team. Our team of regional and global
experts will work with your district to understand unique curriculum goals and blended-learning challenges,
while providing local insight with a global perspective.

Resources for teachers, administrators, and parents

Community is at the heart of remote resilient schools. It takes a dedicated, creative, and connected village to thrive in change, disruption, and uncertainty. Britannica is here to provide accessible support, guidance, and resources, whether you are with your students or apart.

Remote Resilient Schools

Available for science and social studies, LaunchPacks empowers blended learning, personalized support for every learner, student-led inquiry, and virtual assignments and assessments.

To ensure that students are able to have cohesive print and digital experiences as many districts adopt blended learning continuity plans for the fall, Britannica has made it seamlessly easy to print any content set.