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How your district can avoid copyright infringement claims

Copyright infringement is an emerging issue that educational institutions around the country currently face, even more so now that COVID-19 has caused a sudden need for school website updates and for virtual and blended learning lessons. Not all educational uses are fair and can result in excessive financial damages for your institution.

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Without a right-cleared multimedia database, your school or district may be at a greater risk than ever for copyright infringement lawsuits.

Ensure your staff and students have access to:

Over 7 million rights-cleared images, videos, infographics, and more!
Easy-to-use databases, built for classroom use.
Assets to support project-based lessons, peer-to-peer collaboration, and media literacy skill development.

Learn more about Britannica’s media solutions, Britannica ImageQuest and LumieLabs, which provide access to over 7 million rights-cleared, media assets.

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