It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Here’s why Britannica <3 educators

Thank you, educators of all kinds, for all your hard work!

We love teachers who share snippets of their real life classrooms and student achievements. But this week we give a shout out to those who hold the real keys to success for our schools: educators.

It’s education professionals that pave the path for learning and discovery. They lay the stepping stones for creativity and collaboration and are a home-away-from-home where students feel safe and cared for. Educators create a space to experience the world with curiosity, and the freedom to comfortably question and explore.

We called, you answered. Gold star!

We are blown away by the number of heartfelt, meaningful stories you shared about the educators that inspire you. Here’s just some of what you sent us:

“Mrs. [Beth] Gemar is a wonderful example of that teacher you remember who made you do you work correctly and behave respectfully.” -Jennifer

“[James Boneck] strives to help students develop their critical thinking skills and therefore leads to student success.” -Sydney

“[Ms. Travis] is a treasury for our school and I appreciate her contributions every day.” -James

“Dianne Kotaska is an amazing teacher. She is still serving children in her ‘retirement,’ still vibrant with love for learning.” -Amy

But the most impressive submission by far was from Carol who pointed us to Leah Plumley, a Missouri librarian who spends her summers bringing a bookmobile to local kids.

“Using private funding from friends, family and supportive parents, she rents a truck in order to create a do-it-yourself bookmobile for children who have limited access to books during the summer.” -Carol

And last but certainly not least, the Britannica team has something to say to every educator out there:


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Darcy Carlson

Professional Development Manager

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