Summer reading’s no challenge with 30% off all e-books

May 1, 2018


Hey, elementary readers! Don’t fall behind this summer, take Britannica’s Summer Reading Challenge.

Our entire e-book shop is 30% OFF for the whole month of May!

Help students avoid the dreaded Summer Slide and keep your little readers engaged all summer long. Kids who keep up with summer work have an easier time launching back into fall learning.

In fact, according to a study by The Brookings Institution, “on average, students’ achievement scores declined over summer vacation by one month’s worth of school-year learning.”

To combat this and still give kids a breather, follow these five simple steps toward a successful summer reading program to help students stay engaged, have fun, and continue to develop their literacy skills.


Challenge Accepted!

1: Set a goal

Download Pledge Certificate

How many minutes do students think they can read each day? How many minutes does that add up to each week? How many books is that? How about for the whole summer? Have students create a pledge for their summer reading goals.

2: Involve parents

Send a letter home with your students to share their summer reading pledge. Include reading resources available to them, such as e-books, book drives, or local libraries.

3: Get the books

Finding reading material that is fun and interesting is a MUST for the summer months. Some of our favorite Britannica e-book series for K-5 include I Have Feelings, All Kinds of Families, and Transportation and Me.

Our favorites for Spanish-speakers are Adentro del espacio exterior (Inside Outer Space)Tienda de Dulces Salto en el Tiempo (Time Hop Sweets Shop), and Libros por capítulos para principiantes (Beginning Chapter Books).

Also, don’t miss our activities inspired by 2018’s Newbery-awarded titles for slightly older readers.

4: Track results

Download Reading Log

Have students download our reading log to track their books and the minutes they spend reading each week.

5: Celebrate!

Download Certificate of Achievement

When they return to school, reward students for meeting their goal with a Certificate of Achievement.


Summer’s just around the corner! Set your students up for success with these resources.


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