Not Just For Coffee!

Happy #NationalCoffeeDay

If you have visited our booth at a conference, met with a Britannica rep, or entered one of our giveaways—you’ve probably received a Britannica Loves Teachers -or- Britannica Loves Librarians mug! But like most, you probably have a ton of mugs. The problem with that is, well, even if you loooooove coffee you realistically only need one.

Here at Britannica we like to think outside the box, so here are some really fun ways to repurpose the newest member of your collection…

• Make a Cake

Craving chocolate? Who doesn’t! Not only is this is a great alternative to baking an entire chocolate cake, but you can mix and cook all of your ingredients in there too. Check out this Chocolate Cake in a Mug recipe from Ree Drummond (Food Network). Yummy!

• Sharpen a Knife

Turn your coffee mug into an improvised knife sharpener for your dull kitchen blades. Check out this quick how-to video to learn more.

• Make a Candle

Just pour your melted wax and add your wick. When it sets, you’ll have a unique candle. Check out this DIY Coffee Cup Candles project tutorial.

Smartphone Volume Amplifier

Are you sleeping through your alarm? Do you want to listen to music in the shower? You can boost your speaker’s reach in one easy move… drop it in your Britannica mug. This works because the sound will reverberate inside the mug. It may not be the world’s best method, but it definitely does the trick. Plus, this technique makes it a bit tougher to hit snooze.

Pot a Plant

Cutting back on your caffeine intake? Why not dust off that mug and brighten your home, garden, or work with some flowers. The Britannica mug is the perfect size to keep some vibrant flowers on your counter at home or desk at work!

What fun ways are you using your mug? We want to know! We’re on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Use #blearn to share your ideas with us.

Jennifer Keating

Senior Professional Development Specialist

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