Weaving (just a little) more literacy into Social Studies with Seventh Day Adventist Schools

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Britannica curriculum specialists delivered a special professional development session on literacy and social studies to the Seventh Day Teacher Conference this August in Chicago.

What mental picture do you form when you hear the word “weave”? It is a loom? Maybe a basket? How about a spider’s web? Regardless of what you thought of, the concept is the same: to join together different materials to produce a stronger finished product.

As today’s educators are tasked with squeezing more and more into every precious second of class time, getting the most out of every lesson is more essential than ever.

Just like social studies and literacy can weave together into a critical instrument for life-long learning skills, Britannica digital education products and the curiosity craftsmen of the Britannica professional development team are a one-two punch of pedagogical power.

Long-time Britannica School and ImageQuest subscribers Seventh Day Adventist Schools—eager to give their educators every advantage when implementing digital resources in the classroom—called on Britannica to help them kick their social studies instruction into high gear.

Watch below for an exclusive look at a Britannica professional development session, lead by curriculum specialist Pam Renfrow at the Seventh Day Teacher Conference in Chicago.

Video by Britannica videographer Kurt Heintz.

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Pam Renfrow

Curriculum Specialist

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