Jump-start learning in social studies with LaunchPacks

Educators have told us that they spend too much time searching for engaging, quality resources that they can use immediately in their social studies lessons and that students can use to enhance their learning experience. In response to these needs, we’ve recently launched Britannica LaunchPacks: Social Studies, a comprehensive online treasure trove of expertly compiled learning materials that match your PreK-12 social studies curriculum.

Britannica LaunchPacks: Social Studies provides access to more than 1,500 current, trustworthy, and relevant “LaunchPacks.” Each Pack is dedicated to a specific social studies topic and features a variety of content types, including articles, primary source materials, images, maps, illustrations, videos, and multimedia. Packs can be searched by grade level—all grades; PreK-2; 3-5; 6-8; and 9-12—subject category, topic, or keyword.

The articles in each Pack are written at three different reading levels so that students can access the information at a level that is most appropriate for them, regardless of what grade they are in. The Packs also include additional background information written by Britannica subject specialists.

Teachers will appreciate the ability to customize the Packs by adding their own notes or external links, uploading documents and images to enhance a Pack, and sharing their customized Packs with other teachers or students. Students and teachers are given their own personal log-in for saving their work in the “My LaunchPacks” work space.

Britannica LaunchPacks: Social Studies features a lively, accessible interface with clear navigation tools. Britannica editors are continuously updating the Packs and adding to them, and there is a link that allows users to make suggestions or provide ideas for additional Packs.

Britannica LaunchPacks: Social Studies provides immediate benefits: it will save you time; you can be sure that the content is reliable, up to date, and age-appropriate; it allows students of varying reading levels to access the content they need to know; and it gives you a variety of content types and choices to enliven your lessons.

See for yourself how Britannica LaunchPacks: Social Studies can help you and your students make social studies come alive in the classroom! Take a free trial today, or go to packs.eb.com.



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