History Makers’ Greatest Accomplishments

April 20, 2016

We’re delighted to announce a brand new look and feel—and increased access—to our highly acclaimed Britannica’s Original Sources. Until now, this unique and essential resource has only been available to colleges and universities. But as of this month, we are making the site available to the K-12 market as well. In addition, it sports a fresh and engaging look, with a new user interface; improved search capabilities; a cleaner overall design; and, as is the case with all Britannica Web sites, a “responsive design,” so that it works and looks great on all screen sizes: from desktop computers and tablets, to mobile devices.

But it’s what’s under the hood that counts. Original Sources gives you instant access to an extensive, continuously increasing collection of more than 420,000 works of classic, primary reference sources in 12 subject areas: World History, U.S. History, Political Science, Law, Literature, Science, Mathematics, Social Science, Philosophy, Religion, Language, and Language Arts.

There is nothing like Original Sources, where you will find original documents and personal accounts of humankind’s historical development, including many of the greatest discoveries and achievements in the words of the actual authors, discoverers, and game-changers throughout history.

If you haven’t seen this comprehensive and engaging Web site, I invite you to take it for a spin and learn about history’s greatest events though eyewitness accounts—it will change the way you think of any subject you encounter. Original Sources will take you on a ride like no other, as you explore the original works, documents, letters, and recordings of such diverse luminaries as Madeleine Albright, Barack Obama, Henry Ford, John Hancock, Malcolm X, Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley, Confucius, Dante, Louis Pasteur, John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt—and even Thomas Jefferson’s own account of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. And this only scratches the surface!

It’s your gateway to our collective past and the important milestones that have shaped our civilization. With this incredible resource, you can research on nearly any subject from the beginning of the written word.

Begin your own mind-boggling journey. Visit sources.eb.com or take a free trial today!