High School Health Activity: HIV and AIDS

January 5, 2018

While HIV/AIDS has occupied a significant place in the cultural consciousness for over 30 years now, misunderstandings about the disease still persist.

Guide students through the truth and myths about HIV with the following activity designed for the high school classroom.

Looking for health content for younger levels? Check out this month’s infectious disease activities for elementary students. You can use Britannica lessons with Britannica School (try it for free here) or use them with your own classroom resources!

High School Health Activity: HIV and AIDS

As homework, have students listen to the following Stuff You Should Know podcast from the folks at How Stuff Works (contains mature content; podcast runs about an hour):

While listening, instruct students to write down at least 3 unfamiliar terms
and define them using the following two worksheets:

Strategy Card: Word Wonders!

Graphic Organizer: Word Chart — Context & Connections

Britannica School users can have students use this article—with three adjustable reading levels—to help.

Then as a class, review the terms students identified and use them to structure a conversation about AIDS and HIV. What are the common confusions? What, if anything, surprised them? Scared them?

Extra credit: If you like, have students finish by journaling at home about what they learned and their own reactions and feelings. The following worksheet is an excellent guide if they need one:

Graphic Organizer: KWL

WATCH: Jessica and Kelli explain this activity live!

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