Fight The Fake!

Fight The Fake: Send your students on a GooseChase

October Media Literacy Challenge :: Week 4

Are you a superhero of fake-fighting, or do you need a few sessions of media literacy boot camp?

As the United States ramps up for midterm elections, we’re giving educators the tools they need to elevate students’ news and media literacy skills with the Britannica Digital Learning October Media Literacy Challenge. Every Monday in October, we’ll share new resources and activities that support media literacy skills development in students.

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Put your students’ skills to the test with this next-level scavenger hunt. Students will use the GooseChase mobile app to complete tasks that help them to practice the skills needed to fight fake news. Each task, or “mission,” will have students use or evaluate a resource and respond with various types of media.

Fight the Fake: A GooseChase Activity

Teachers have been using scavenger hunts for years to engage students in learning. My favorite new tool that I’ve used with students so far this year is GooseChase. It takes the scavenger hunt concept and kicks it up a notch with mobile technology. I used GooseChase for my middle school library orientation this year, and it was a huge success.

In this GooseChase game, students will complete several tasks to help them practice the skills they need to fight fake news. Each task, or “mission”, will have students use or evaluate a resource and respond with text, photo, or video. From playing a game of “Factitious” to evaluating photos and tweets, students will put their skills to the test.

The GooseChase App can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Create your GooseChase Edu teacher account to copy this game, which you can then adapt to meet your needs. The free version of GooseChase for educators allows unlimited classes and games, with one live game for up to five teams at a time. The “missions” could also be used in a more analog format with students if needed.

Fight The Fake!

About the October Media Literacy Challenge

This month-long activity series will help educators lay a strong foundation for media literacy discussions, share must-have resources with students, explore sources and how to evaluate them, and ultimately put student skills to the test with a next-level scavenger hunt. Will you join our quest to help tweens and teens become well-equipped, critical, and thoughtful consumers of media and news?

edWebinar — Fight Fake News: Media literacy for students

Join the challenge! Mark your calendars for these activity release dates:

  • WEEK 4 (October 22) — Fight The Fake: Send students on a GooseChase

Tiffany Whitehead

Upper & Middle School Librarian

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