Britannica donates to every CPS high school library to honor Coretta Scott King Book Awards

In addition to a monetary gift for the author, to honor this year’s award, every Chicago Public Schools high school with a school library has had Piecing Me Together added to their catalogue courtesy of Britannica.

Every year, Britannica Digital Learning sponsors the Coretta Scott King Book Awards, which annually recognize outstanding books for young adults and children by African American authors and illustrators that reflect the African American experience.

Members of the Britannica team traveled to the American Library Association’s Annual Conference & Exhibition in New Orleans this past weekend to personally present the award. “I really wanted to say how very honored I was to be at the Britannica table at the ALA awards when Pam presented the award to Renée Watson,” says Britannica Education Product Specialist Gladys Autry. “The applause from the audience was very warm and receptive to the donation. I was very proud to be a member of the Britannica team.”

This year’s recipient of the Author Award is Renée Watson for her YA fiction novel, Piecing Me Together, a powerful story about a girl striving for success, finding her voice, and advocating for herself. Piecing Me Together has also earned Newbery Honors in 2018.

According to Jason Reynolds, another YA author building an impressive collection of accolades this year, “Watson, with rhythm and style, somehow gets at the toxicity of sympathy, the unquenchable thirst of fear, and the life-changing power of voice and opportunity, all wrapped up in Jade—the coolest young lady in the world. Or at least, in Portland, Oregon. Simply, Piecing Me Together is a book you’ll want to hug!”

In addition to a monetary gift for the author, to honor this year’s award, every Chicago Public Schools high school with a school library has had Piecing Me Together added to their catalogue on us.

“Be bold. Be brave. Be beautiful. Be brilliant. Be (your) best.”

-Renée Watson, Piecing Me Together

Work like Watson’s is what brings the written word to life for eager and growing minds of all kinds and inspires a lifelong love of reading and learning. We are honored to count her as a partner in our mission of curiosity and knowledge. Congratulations again, Renée, and thank you for words.

Are you a CPS teacher or librarian who received a copy of Piecing Me Together? Send us your feedback! Or tell us what other books your students love.


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Pam Renfrow

Curriculum Specialist

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