Britannica’s Holiday Gift Guide

November 28, 2016

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and we know teachers and parents are looking for gifts that are meaningful AND educational. From a new line of engaging children’s books, to challenging STEM puzzles, to posters and printed canvases, to a huge collection of e-books… this holiday gift guide is a great place to find presents that are exciting and inspiring.

Check out Britannica’s 2016 holiday gift guide:

1. E-Books. Shop E-books for 30% off, starting now through the entire month of December. They are environmentally friendly, more affordable than paper-based books, and they allow readers to insert questions and notes, highlight key sections, and bookmark passages. Find an e-book appropriate for any reading level across subjects such as sports, art, science, music, and history. There’s truly something for every reader.

2. Art. New art is a great way to freshen up any room, especially for the cozy winter months spent indoors. Britannica’s collection includes hand-drawn butterflies, dinosaurs, and vintage maps. From a huge poster collection to beautiful art printed on canvases, there is art for any budget.

3. Stuffed Animal Book Sets for Toddlers. The dazzling colors, illustrations, photos, and rich content will inspire the youngest reader to learn about different animals in their environments. Back by popular demand is Britannica’s My First Library animal-themed book set, and new to Britannica’s gift collection are bear-inspired and shark-inspired reading sets that include a book and stuffed toy. We love these intriguing toys for young readers.

4. Interactive Books for Young Readers. The engaging toys available for this year’s holiday season encourage children ages 3+ to learn amazing animal facts with over 500 interactive, analytical questions and answers that sharpen STEM skills. Readers get instant answers with the customized talking “yes-no” answer pen that lights up!

5. STEM Puzzle Activities for Kids. One of our favorite books for our 5+-age readers is the Britannica Brain Games. With more than a dozen types of puzzles, including jigsaws, word scramblers, Sudoku-style squares, hidden differences, crosswords, and anagrams, this is sure to keep your child entertained while testing his or her knowledge of outer space, technology, transportation, athletes, artists, and animals! This book is loaded with STEM activities, including math and logic puzzles, problem solving, and number and word patterns.

Find Britannica book sets and kids’ activities now at Toys R Us, Kohl’s, Costco U.S., Costco Canada, Indigo Books, Zulily, and other leading retailers.

Wishing you a holiday season that is filled with fun, food, and heart-warming content!