Join The Hive: Become a Britannica Educator!

Announcing: The B.E. Hive!

Britannica Digital Learning is excited to invite you to become a B.E.—a Britannica Educator that is—and #JoinTheHive, our new Facebook group specifically for educators of all kinds.

Our goal with this community is to provide a dynamic and inclusive space for educators to collaborate and interact with us and each other; to foster knowledge-sharing, professional development and fun.

While group members will be in the loop for BDL events and news, most importantly, The Hive will help Britannica tailor our content and products to the needs of the instructors and institutions we serve better than ever.

That doesn’t mean The Hive is a Britannica-only group, however. Non-customers and current users of Britannica products alike are encouraged to join and take advantage of each others’ experiences and expertise and group members are free to discuss and share whatever they like.

So if you’re passionate about education and you’d like to help us pollinate the world with knowledge, you belong in the B.E. Hive. Come help us discover what we can grow together.


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Darcy Carlson

Professional Development Manager

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