Ancient Rome: A Middle School Social Studies Activity

As you gear up for heading back to school, we’ve put together activities for your K-12 classrooms. In this middle school social studies activity for grades 6-8, explore sports in Ancient Rome. We’ve got you covered with classroom strategies, activities, resources, and a graphic organizer.

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In each activity, I share suggested resources from Britannica’s newest classroom tool, LaunchPacks: Social StudiesYou can get free 30-day access now by taking a Packs: Social Studies free trial, or you can use the activity, questions, and free, downloadable graphic organizer with your own classroom resources.

Grades 6-8 Social Studies Activity: Sports in Ancient Rome

Overview: Students will make inferences from the observations they find in this pack.

Suggested Resources:

• LaunchPacks: Social Studies Ancient Rome: Sports for Grades 6-8

• Graphic Organizer: Observation/Inference

Strategy: Observation/Inference

Activity: Ask students to identify observations from the text, images, and videos found in the pack. From their observations, ask them to record their inferences using Graphic Organizer: Observation/Inference or the annotation tools.

Suggested Questions:

• What do you already know about the topic?

• What information did you observe from this resource?

• Based on this information, what can you infer?

Possible Extension: Have students create an advertisement for a sporting event they learned about in the pack.

Darcy Carlson

Professional Development Manager

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