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Newbery Medal research activities for elementary and middle school

How to use the 2018 Newbery Medal-winning book by Erin Entrada Kelly to build research skills and foster self-guided inquiry in your students.

Your American Politics Resource Center: Social studies activities for the classroom

We’ve created a resource center to help educators and students through the primaries, special elections, and political headlines of the near future.

Rebels with a cause: Disruptive teens who changed history

Introduce your middle to high school students to some other leaders who juggled puberty with power structures with these activities.

Women’s History Month activities: Celebrating women in STEM

Classroom activities for all levels spotlighting the achievements of women in the “STEM” fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.

ImageQuest: Editors’ picks for Women’s History Month

Explore what we discovered for March! With over three million images and counting, diving in to discover all there is in… Read More

Britannica Careers | Marketing Executive Assistant

Feed your inner geek with a Britannica career!

Going for Gold: Insider’s Scoop on the Newbery Medal

Get an insider look at how a book becomes a Newbery winner and how you can bring the selection process to life with your students.

Your February Activity Center: Black History to Valentine’s Day

Develop annotation skills for Valentine’s Day or explore the civil rights movement and African American leaders in honor of Black History Month.

ImageQuest: February editors’ picks

The Britannica pros are here to guide you through the best of the quest.