Looking for access information about a Britannica product?


The following states have access to Britannica products. Click on your state to enter your state’s page. Then click “learn more” to learn how your state partners with Britannica to provide access.


If your district or school subscribes to any of the Britannica products you can access them from home using one of the following most popular options. 


Your school’s SSO or LMS solution

Log into your school’s SSO or LMS solution (such as Clever, Canvas, ClassLink, or Schoology) and click the link to the Britannica product or follow the instructions provided by your school administrator.


Access ID and Passcode

If your school doesn’t have an SSO or LMS solution, access Britannica by entering the Access ID and Passcode provided to you by your school administrator or teacher. This is a shared login for everyone at your school to use.

Still need help?

If you don’t have your Access ID and Passcode, contact your school administrator or teacher or you can contact Britannica Technical Support at [email protected] or
(800) 621-3900.

Note: The School Access ID is different from your personal account, which is only used by you. You can sign into or create your personal account by clicking the user icon in the upper right of the page after you enter the Access ID and Passcode for your school’s subscription.


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