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Two Britannica resources—Britannica School and ImageQuest—are must-haves for our district. Access to the quality content and images in these resources allows our students to produce quality work and that’s what we’re trying to accomplish. We really use these resources and would be devastated without them.

Emily Squires, Library Media Specialist

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Rebels with a cause: Disruptive teens who changed history

Introduce your middle to high school students to some other leaders who juggled puberty with power structures with these activities.

Women’s History Month activities: Celebrating women in STEM

Classroom activities for all levels spotlighting the achievements of women in the “STEM” fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.

ImageQuest: Editors’ picks for Women’s History Month

Explore what we discovered for March! With over three million images and counting, diving in to discover all there is in… Read More

Featured Product

Differentiate Discovery for K-12 Students with Britannica School

  • Access the world’s knowledge with accurate, nonfiction, cross-curricular content that’s aligned to the next generation science, common core, and state curriculum standards.
  • Stay accurate and relevant with nearly 1,200+ monthly content updates made by our in-house editorial team, including former teachers and educators.
  • Choose from three levels of learning—Elementary, Middle, and High School—for a wealth of unique content to explore, appropriate for each student.
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