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Earth Day Activities for Elementary Students!

April 19, 2017

Earth Day activities allow students to travel the world through geography exploration, track weather patterns, learn about different biomes and their climates, and discover ways that everyone can take better care of our planet.Grades Pre-K-2 Activities1. Be a Biome! Activity: Explore the major biomes of the world and then choose one to r ...READ MORE

National Poetry Month Activities for Middle School

April 5, 2017

Why are metaphors considered to be the basic language of poetry? Which poet was asked by a U.S. president to write a poem for his inauguration and was later awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by another president? Why was Langston Hughes an important poet during the Harlem Renaissance? All of these are great questions to explore with your students during April’s National ...READ MORE

[White Paper] Weaving Literature into Social Studies

April 3, 2017

Download our latest white paper, Weaving Literature into Social Studies: Pairing Literary Works with Nonfiction Content. The white paper includes:1. How to identify and choose a literary work2. Reading comprehension strategies and skills   3. Three specific exam ...READ MORE

5 Ways that Images Enhance Learning

March 30, 2017

Britannica ImageQuest is changing the way that students interact with the world and with history. Now, with nearly 3.1 million rights-cleared images from 62 leading collections available in eight languages, ImageQuest is setting the bar for image searching.1. Make History Come Alive.Discover civil rights movements, archaeological finds, an ...READ MORE

PART 3 – Women’s Movements Through Photographs: The Intersection of Civil Rights and Women’s Liberation

March 16, 2017

The third part of our activity series, exploring women's movements through primary source ImageQuest photographs, is for high level students. It focuses on the influence of the civil rights movement on the women’s liberation movement and how they intersected.Of all the forces for change happening in the United States in the mid-1960s, none impacted the revival of the feminist ...READ MORE